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There are lots, probably most, who are not going to like this, but I would point out that I am old and have a 99 yr old mother in law who I love, so I am not protecting any group for selfish reasons, I keep myself fit and think that I could beat the virus and think that I have a right to hold my opinions.

 The truth is that the world has been brought to its knees by a virus that kills, but what gets lost is that it does not kill everyone, most people who get the virus recover, the old and infirm may not.  That is tragic, but lots of things in life are - we all die some day.

Everyone has made an heroic effort to protect the ones most susceptible but there comes a point where it becomes too dangerous to pursue an all or nothing solution.  We have reached the point where the industrial western civilization cannot continue to commit hari kari to save nursing homes and ailing octogenarians.  There is the statement that will PO most people, but it's true.

If you're a 30 yr old welder or a machinist, or a pipe fitter or laborer etc, you cannot work from home, you're flat on your ass with no paycheck a wife and four kids, should we let these families scrape for food to save someone on life support?  Obviously I wish we could do both, but we can't and that's a fact.

I am grateful that I don't have to make the decision, but someone does and I don't envy them.  However, don't lose sight of the f act that if we do open up, not everyone is going to die, most people will go back to work and may or may not have to take a few days off with a fever, but the ones who may fall foul of it are me and my generation and I would rather see the future generations with a stable economic future than to lose everything for my sake.








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I'm 100% with your statement Stall, but I wouldn't want to be the person who has to take the decision to open the country back up. In the UK that's Boris and in the USA it's the Donald. Whatever happens they are the ones that will be taking the flak. In fact they are already taking the flak from both sides. They have both been accused of acting too early/too late, of not producing, like magicians from a top hat, all the required PPE and vaccines, of being racist for pointing the finger at the main culprit for this pandemic - the Cinese Communist Party. The media are responsible for most of the panicked reaction that has occurred since the virus started spreading.

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