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Fruit pickers wanted -

Observer II

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13 hours ago, Dizzy said:

With most people having nothing to do at the moment then surely there are plenty of us available to help local farmers in our areas pick fruit and harvest stuff. 
I'd certainly volunteer if there were farmers round here needing help...well saying that I'm still in work but I would help on my days off.

Women's Land Army Collections - The MERL

Have you got your jodhpurs washed and ready ;-)


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On 4/2/2020 at 8:51 PM, Bill said:


I only used the Polish as an example but the fruit pickers are only going to come from countries where the minimum wage differential is significant. Bet we don't have many Germans or French coming over to pick our strawberries for us. 


Bill :)

No there are not many French or German fruit pickers coming over to pick strawberries but they don't want to come from Poland any more either. Even before the government announced the restriction on working here the farmers, care homes and other businesses who pay crap money for hard and unpleasant work were struggling to attract the workers from places like Poland, Bulgaria, Romania.

I struggle to understand capitalist bosses who pay themselves millions because of their superior intellect and talent don't understand the free market of labour.


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