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Warrington's Housing Market


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Whoopee :roll: So much for the 'stamp duty' sweetner to sort out the ever falling housing market eh :roll:


OK so no stamp duty on houses/appartments (or flats as they used to be called) upto ?175k now which is a start and will help those trying to get on the housing market.... but the stagnation in the market is across the board :roll:


When will the dim witts realise that :roll:


Just done a quick search on the number of local properties priced at less than ?175k round here (although some are already sold) and here's the results


Latchford (houses/appartments) - 15

Stockton Heath (houses/appartments) - 17

Grappenhall (houses/appartments) - 26

Appleton (houses/appartments) 32

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Notice the LibDems in Liverpool have taken my advice and are buying up empty properties to rent out - much more rational. :wink:


Don't want to be pedantic Observer, but it is Liverpool's Council Taxpayers who are in effect buying up the properties, remember politicians only spend other's money. :wink::D:D


And actually I agree with you, it is a good thing...provided they get a good deal and not overpay and fund it with sound money.

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Paul, of course it's OUR money in the end, whether locally or nationally generated; my point was, that whilst I've no problem with it being used to ensure that our fellow citizens have the dignity of a roof over their heads, by buying to let, Council's retain control of the properties. :roll: Unfortunately, interest free loans to folk who can't really afford their mortgage in the first place and will ulitimately OWN said properties, isn't a wise use of public funds. :shock::wink:

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Hurray! Gordon Brown has announced another useless raft of measures that will do nothing for the housing market but will increase the tax burden on us all :roll: Did you see Alistair Darling's face contort when he was asked how the Government expects to pay for these initiatives :?: You just know that he's been told to toe the party line on this irrespective of costs or administration :!:

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