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Community Fixers?


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This has long been the "norm" in Northern Ireland, where the criminals were more or less free to police areas to favour their own activities. Not sure that we are there yet, but although many people are seething with frustration and basically feeling as though the justice system is too skewed in favour of the perpetrator rather than the victim, I think that they will stay silent. Plus of course, there's always the matter of how one would approach such a subject...


...I mean, do you stroll into a thoroughly disreputable pub, waltz up to the nearest looking thick-necked, shaven-headed thug and say "Excuse me old chap, I seem to be having a spot of bother with some youngsters drinking on the corner near to my house. If I give you a bunch of fivers would you mind terribly going over them and roughing them to such a degree that they wet themselves at the thought of coming within 500 yards of my house again?" You'd get an answer alright, but it would probably be a knuckle sandwich delivered straight to your face (repeatedly).

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