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Warrington on TV


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Anyone watch Michael Portillo on Mon, he was in Warrington, mentioned Warrington had the bigest steel work in Europe and two of the largest stove manufactures!

Where was the steel works and I know one of the stove works must have been the Latchford works by the MSC, but where was the other one?

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 If there was a large steel works its most likely that it would be near the railway but I've never heard of this, maybe he's got his lines crossed.

Was there was a line running down Dallam Lane with some pretty big industrial units on the other side.???


Bill :) 

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Lancashire steel/British steel was on bewsey road if i recall correctly just over the railway bridge as you go to town on the left.

fletcher russel was a stove manufacturer address as palatine works wilderspool causeway.

richmonds being listed as grappenhall.

(all according to graces guide 1937 british industries fair)

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Fletcher Russell was next door to Wilderspool stadium and the car park was used as the coach park for away teams and supporters.

It had a popular social club that was a particular favourite of a certain Warrington winger called Brian Bevan. !

He seemed to enjoy playing the piano on the stage and would have a pint and twenty Senior Service on top of it to enjoy between his impromptu performances.

A true hero who in this day and age would have been castigated for such unacceptable behaviour ;

Oh what a sad dull boring world we now live in. :-(

Image result for fletcher russell co ltd warrington


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There is still one of the original buildings left from the old Lancashire Steel on Bewsey Road, and that is Hamptons Garage just before the railway bridge. It used to be the garage where they kept their fleet of MK1 Granada chauffeur cars.... It predates the Lancashire Steelworks and appears on aerial photos of the area from the early 1920's

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