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Are Gov Regulatory bodies working?


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First they privatised many services/utilities, aside from the short term cash receipt, the theory being that "competition" will improve services and keep prices down. :? Then they discover that this isn't quite the case, so they set up Government regulatory bodies (OF this an OF that) to protect the consumer; and fine suppliers for exploitation or inefficiency, the fine presumably goes into Gov coffers (thus becoming a stealth tax), meanwhile the Companies just make up their loss from the customer. :shock: SO; is this system working for the consumer? :? EG: It appears that mobile phone companies are scamming their customers and making huge profits out of text messaging, inter-company communications and "roaming" charges for use abroad - and OfTel havn't done a thing to curtail such profiteering. :x In fact, the Government recently lobbied the EU Commissioner in support of the four major phone providers, in order to keep roaming prices high. :x

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