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Connectivity ?

Observer II

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Seems to be the current buzz word, with improved transport infrastructure linking the "left behind" areas of the Country with areas of opportunity. So things like Flybe and HS2 would appear essential to economic growth and prosperity.   However, that seems to clash directly with environmental concerns and a carbon neutral future.  So it seems we can have clean air and reduced carbon emissions, but at the expense of continuing poverty.  No wonder the Millenials appear to be a suicide generation.

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Real life politics is about striking an appropriate balance between apparently opposite policies. That is why single issue policy groups such as the greens will always fail as a result of a failure to compromise. The environmental lobby is often childish in its approach because it doesn't have to engage with others. PR is not the answer either because PR give the power to dictate policy to the smallest group that can swing an issue, the other groups other than the coalition lead usual hold considerably less sway.

Without personal mobility (i.e.cars) connectivity is essential and always has been at the heart of economic performance.

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