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Merry Christmas


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Same here. I'm starting to believe there might be something in this global warming thing. 

Only kidding I think it's about 5C at the moment.

Anyway, hope all my forum mates all had a very merry Christmas and I'm just going to start getting a bit merrier now I'm done with the day's driving.


Bill :)

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yes, the shops close on new years day, well most do or some do, ok so one or two do.

But there is online shopping which is  a 24/7 365 days of the year thing.(or 336 for the leap years) so i am not even sure of anything regards shopping days these days.

In fact it is getting to be "ground-hog day" with me at present or past or however it works for that sort of thing. (Stephen Hawking might have known how to explain it better)

As for me lack of sleep and caffeine are taking their toll.

lets just leave it at shop early for Christmas......🤪

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