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TV debates ?

Observer II

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From what I've seen, they are a vacuum of ideas and stockings full of bribes,  leaving a choice of the least worst of the bunch.  Aside from the reality that this is, whether we like it or not, a Brexit election, to finally get a definitive decision on the Referendum result, all the other panoply of issues are for the next G/Election, once Brexit is sorted.  But one question I have, is why are the Scots and Welsh Nationalists included in the line up, cos the Irish Parties aren't.   By all means they should be allowed on their Regional TV progs, but I fail to see what relevance they have outside their own Nations ?

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I watched one on Friday on BBC & there was one starting on ITV tonight that seemed to be exactly the same format which i turned off so i think i have now officially given up on these debates. All the parties are interested in is out trumping opponents with juicier offers for the voters thus securing victory & lucrative parliamentary careers.

Incidentally ,does Ms Swinson try to disguise her Scottish accent ?

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why are the Scots and Welsh Nationalists included in the line up

Because they have more MP's in the UK parliament than the English do. They might not be representing their particular parties but they are scots and welsh nevertheleass.

Has it struck anybody that the scottish SNP leaders all seem to have fishy sounding names. SALMONd, Sturgeon.....🤔

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