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Clock going back


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OK, slightly late on this one was going to post Saturday but was busy and just got round to it.

The EU have voted to stop movement of time in 2021 so nations will be able to decided whether they stick with the summer time in which case the clocks will move for the last time in March 2021 or winter time in which case the time will be reset for the last time in Oct 2021.

Who said the EU directives are all bad?

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We used to flog the clocks twice a year long before we got entangled in the mess that is the EU, and also stopped doing it for a period between 1968 and 1971 when the British Standard Time was kept all year round. So the EU can't really claim any ownership of this except that while we are members we have to do what they say.

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It was originally proposed by Benjamin franklin to save candles......🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️

The idea was then taken up by the golfing fraternity who wanted the change so they could have an extra few holes before it went dark.

It was first introduced by Germany just prior to the first world war and then taken on by Britain not much later.

So in a way the EU had it before we did.....🤔

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