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Traffic Lights on Birchwood Express Way


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Not been that way for a long time, took a trip to the shopping center and  noted yet more  traffic lights, this time on the roundabouts both on the big roundabout to the ind est at the next one to Birchwood shopping center, full time ones!

Councils especially Warrington Council seem desperate to increase pollution from standing traffic!

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I can't believe the amount of time and effort that went into doing this and how effective (if at all) it's going to be. They did pretty much the same at the other end where it meets onto Manchester Road and as far as I know, those lights have never ever been turned on since they were installed. Also in all those years, I've never seen a single person using the crossing.

Does anyone have a figure on how much this exercise actually cost?


Bill :)


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It's definitely better where that have provided new lanes so you don't have to stop to turn left at the roundabouts (coming from birchwood centre towards warrington and going through the grange from birchwood).

However I think the lights should be part time. In the off peak hours, the traffic moves freely on its own. The lack of give way lines suggests this isn't going to happen though.

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