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As the photo section doesn't seem very active nowadays I thought this may be a more appropriate section to issue an apology for most if not all of the images that I had posted in the past that have disappeared from posts on the 'Photo' Section, the reason is that I had closed my account on Photobucket, however I am gradually uploading them to my Flickr account and now downloading them from there. I'm only sorry that I had not done this before but I have only just discovered how to upload the photos from Flickr via the images URL.



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I love seeing all your old photos too Algy, even those I have seen before.  I will never get tired of seeing them 😀

It is a shame that many of your uploads on older topics have gone and been replaced with a photo bucket icon pic but on the plus side it will give you something to do during the cold and dark winter nights.  I've not used my photo bucket account for probably over a year now.  It used to e a great hosting platform but then kept bombarding me with adverts and other spam blah blah and I got sick to death of it.  

Looking forward to seeing more pics from you 😀


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