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Website and forum speed of connection and posting

Website speed .. is it  

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Your missing the point again Stephen.


There IS as I keep telling you, a major fault on the system making it so slow as to be completely unusable and there are probably a whole lot more affected who will assume the site is down.


Why you persist in ignoring what I and others are telling you beggars belief.


Bill :)

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If it helps.....


At home I am accessing the site through


Virgin Broadband with 2meg speed. (cable)

Running Windows XP Professional

3mhz Processor

2047 mb memory

I have AVG and Zone Alarm Running


No problems accessing the site and it's definately faster.


At work I access the site through


Talk Talk Broadband (phone line)

Running Windows 98 SE

Pentium 2 processor

128 mb memory


No problems on that rickety old machine either and it's again faster than before.


PS I'm not getting at you Bill before you think I am :wink::P

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You must admit that if you had no problems with your website and that a few others came on and said the site was slow then you would also want to find out if its an isolated case or if everyone is having the problem..


I have never had any problems with the speed but i am sure Gary will look into it..




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I am using the same machine and same service provider that I used 6 months ago. While having no problems with the old forum, this one is definately much slower.


I timed how long it took from clicking on the Poll thread to actually being able to vote - 35 seconds :cry:

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I don't know if this means anything to anyone but, while I'm finding the speed on here better than before, there's another forum I go on that is impossibly slow today. Strange but true. :shock::shock:

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Bill, While a I appreciate feedback and your concerns, which are being investigated, if I and others are not experiencing any problems at home or work and the company who host it and also access it at home and work can not identify any problems it makes it very difficult to resolve.

It can't be "broke big time" or you wouldn't be able to post anything ever.

We all access websites through different mediums and providers and tracing the fault is difficult and time consuming.

But we are investigating your problems and those of a few others.

I have not received any emails or phone calls from anyone unable to access the site or having problems with it. The only feedback I have on any issues is from a handful of posters on here, which as I have already said, are being investigated.

As you had no problems the first few days I can't understand why they have suddenly started as nothing has changed at our end.

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I'm now posting from my sons pc. I'm not being a saddo I'm actually working on his pc before anyone asks :P


AOL Dial-up connection 56k modem :shock:

Windown XP

256 meg memory


WWW website took about 35 seconds to open fully and the pics displayed on the right were the last to appear....... but we are talking dial up here !


Takes approx 5 seconds to switch between forum pages


Not bad at all for dial up.

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The fact that half the people report extreme slowness while others report no problem indicates a routing problem that's a fact.


I'm not experiencing any problems just now because I'm on a cable system, however checks on the external routing show near identical figures and no faults on either system.


What I think you don't appreciate is the severity of the effect. The degree of slowness is many times greater than Dismayed's dial up but providing you're prepared to spend several minutes while pages load, you can manage to post however I think most would simply just give up. This is what I called "broke big time!"


If I were a betting man, I know where my money would be but I suspect this problem will fix itself just as mysteriously as it appeared.


I'm away up north next week so no more input from me.


Hope you manage to sort it out soon.


Bill :)

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All very odd Bill but I'm sure Gary and the team will figure it out for you.


Like I said I have had no problems on the 3 seperate machines that I have tried in various locations, with different machine specs and of course different connection types and even the old fashioned dial up access worked ok for me.


Perhaps I am just very lucky eh :D


You never did say who your service providers were though.....


Enjoy your holiday and 10/10 for not giving up on posting :wink::D

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HI - Can people that are finding the site slow, please confirm if this is relating to just the forum, or just the site, or both?


Also, if any of you know your IP address that you are connecting to the internet with, then can you please post it or email it to bill.carr@cd-inc.co.uk.


You can get your IP address by going to http://www.whatsmyipaddress.com/

and you are looking for something like (usually xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)




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We still cant find any reason why some users are experiencing the site being slow.


The new site and forum are hosted on exactly the same server as the old site, so this totally rules out any issues with routing to the server, as people would have the same issue before the site was redeveloped.


So this really leaves an issue with the site somewhere. However, as the forum and main website are coded completely seperately, it would be logical to find that the site may be slow but the forum fast (or vice versa) - but this does not seem to be the case.


This would point to it being a shared issue that could effect both sites. So perhaps this could be a browser issue or spy blocker issue.


The people that are experiencing the site being slow, can you please confirm if you have any software that is a spy blocker, ad blocker, internet security firewall (possibly Norton or McAfee Internet security suite, as these both tend to be overly agressive and block lots of things that it need not do).


Can you please also post what your browser is and what version it is?


We may find a common denominator amongst you all!




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I doubt the issue is machine related as even my laptop is very slow from work while the same laptop from home is greased lightening. Also remember that the problem only started last week but up to that point it was fine.


I checked last night from an office in Glasgow and again dead slow. I'm in a different office just now and everythings fine.


Oh and by the way, the machines I use are generally bussiness systems that use the internet mainly for communications and never get used for surfing so dont tend to suffer spy ware issues.


Bill :)

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Hey Bill - can you stay in that office and we will transport those who are having problems to it! :lol:

On a serious note thank you for your concern and I am sure the other Bill and his team will continue to look into what could be causing the problem.

I struggled at home last night and previously it had been ok - it is also a fact no two sites load at the same speed.

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