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Class still with us -

Observer II

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BBC2 last night: Geoff Norcott (a Tory comedian !) exposed the hypocracy of a middle class that professes equality while gaming the system for personal benefit.  Starting with all sorts of scams to get their brood into the best schools ahead of working class kids that live closer to the schools.  Putting them on route to a University degree, where they'll protest against poverty in the world, climate change etc; whilst being programmed into being PC thought police.  Moving on to become the new Metropolitan and Political elite;  who arrogantly believe they know it all;  many becoming MPs  assistants en route to becoming MPs (only 8% of Labour MPs can now be described as having working class origins). So it should be no surprise that a majority of MPs are Remoaners refusing to carry out the wishes of the majority of peasants  on Brexit.

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Or perhaps "human nature" is naturally hypocritical - if you can afford to be !    These are the folk who protest over global warming then clock up long haul air miles on their holidays;  welcome migrants but ensure none live next door to them on their gentryfied estates;  are doing quite well in their socio-economic group and just won't accept such things as Brexit disturbing the status quo.  

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