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Favourite ever Town player

RO Rob

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Was thinking about this the other night and for me, putting personal friendships aside (thats Paul Berry ruled out), my favourite ever Town player, that I have seen play for us would have to be Joey Dunn.


More rotund than a Spalding defender :shock: , the guy could do anything with a ball, and is probably the reason I am a Town fan to this day.


As the song went


" There's only one Joey Dunn, and his name is Joey Dunn"


Just wondering who everyone else out there in Yellowland sees as their favourite ever player

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Rob, wanted to give this one a little thought before I posted a reply.


Having given it some thought, I honestly believe that we are currently watching some of the 'best' players that have played for the club in the ten years I've been watching Town.


If the catergory is simply 'favourite' player then it has to be Dave Tickle or Lee Webster - always gave 110% and never saw either of them pull out of a tackle in all the time they were playing.

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i have only been watching the town for about a year now and in the time i have been watching my favourite player would have to be chris gaghan because he is fully committed and can produce goals at very important times and i have seen him save us off the line a few times aswell for me that is the complete player

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WOW someone dug up an old topic here!

While Joey is a legend ( or is that leg end :lol: ) I believe we are seeing some of the best talent on show at Town for many a year.

This is only my third season involved but I have seen steady improvement.

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Have to agree some good talent in the team at the moment. Various players have stood out over the season for differing reasons. Eddie in midfield, work rate is exceptional, Grogan in defence is solid and if theres a ball to win in the air he`ll be the one. Jimmy Mac`s ball skills outstanding, wish he`d take players on more. Cahgan a little terrier with good pace and an eye for goal. As said in a previous post, when this team gel in time they will be a formidible force worthy of promotion.

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