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How many Local Plan and planning application consultations have gone unheard?


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This sort of problem is why I always email my submissions on the general email address and get a confirmation. The council try to get people to use a completely different system and you have no record of delivery and usually have the answer the questions they ask rather than giving your own opinion.

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Good excuse though to blame 'it' on 'technical issues'.

Not really on subject but years ago a petition of over 5000+ signatures was personally handed into WBC on the steps of New Town House re the demolition of Stockton Heath Primary School. 

Some time later it was 'said' no petition had been received but ooh hang on a minute  a person who shall remain nameless had taken photos of it being handed over and received by the then head of planning John Groves.  So where the heck was it then?  Funny how once they were informed that a full photocopy had been taken before it was all handed over and that a photo of it being handed over was taken too (errm 'the receiver' even posed for the camera but didn't look too happy though  lol) that it was suddenly found having been put in 'a drawer' and forgotten about .

The token gesture of apologies were duly made ;)  

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