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Cullen interview


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Another interesting interview Gary, although I think you should have worn the gear as per your aviator!


Having met Paul, there is no doubt that he's very passionate about the club, very hard working and an all round decent guy, but as a team we're not playing well and appear to be making the same mistakes week in week out. It frustrates me, and I'm sure lots of other fans, that we don't show improvement in basic areas of rugby league such as ball retention and the like.


I know you like and respect Paul and have a good relationship with him, but I think both he and the team need to start delivering the goods on a regular basis and move us up the table where, on paper at least, we ought to be!

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I think that it should be remembered that Gary is doing his work when interviewing. Whether his personal comments to Paul Cullen have the same flavour remains for the two of them to confess. (Just an observation)


As for the comment, "it will be better next year", I am always amazed at the continued support of the Wire fans. they deserve better.

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