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Reading the question asked it is a loaded question anyway.

a six foot bearded man that identifies as female. fair enough. (that almost describes me apart from the six foot bit as i have shrunk over the years so only five foot eleven and a half. oh and i definitely do not identify as female as many a lass from my past could testify to.🤫🤫 )

Would you address HIM as her or madam the loaded part. The interviewer admits in the first bit that it is a HIM and not a HER  that is being interviewed. (also i have never heard any female referred to a madam apart from under certain circumstances. 🤔🕵️‍♀️:oops:  )

The correct answer to the question, given the information available,would be "however the person instructed me to after i had asked them how they would like to be addressed, even if it was Thor god of thunder and part time gardener from the planet zog"

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