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Dreams etc


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This is just to keep the forum active and stop Gary from having sleepless nights!  Couple of musings for y'all to consider on a rainy day, that's about once every three months , right?

I was about four years old when I had a fantastic dream about my pony.  We spent days together riding the Woolston fields and were the best friends ever.  When I awoke I couldn't get downstairs fast enough. Mom insisted that I eat breakfast, but I told her passionately that I couldn't, I had to go see my pony.

"What pony?"  "My pony, the black and white one."  " You don't have a pony, you've been dreaming".  Oh, the trauma, I was devastated, it took me a week to accept it.    Anyone else been so deceived?   The couch is open.

Now, I've completely forgotten what the second subject was.  Has this ever happened to you ?     The couch is open.

I gotta stop drinking !

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Once every 3 months? It seems like it's been raining solidly for 3 months 😂.

No, no dreams as realistic as that I'm afraid. In fact I can only vaguely remember being 4 years old to be honest. I can barely remember 4 years ago when it comes to it 🤣.

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I am aware that i have dreams but not their content in any detail. Although i will admit to waking up with a death grip on the mattress and the feeling that i have just had a very narrow escape although what from i have no idea.

One of my best curses to put on anybody is "may ALL your dreams come true". Much more horrible than the "may you live in interesting times"one if you really think about it.

I did often wonder about what my dog was dreaming about. his little legs scrabbling away, and making small barking noises every so often. It was the blood-curdling howl that used to put the willies up me, especially at 3 in the morning. How a small dog could manage to produce a sound that would not have been out of place in your average horror movie is beyond me. werewolves would spring to mind when he did that.

The funny thing is that he would often wake himself up when he did that and the stare around wondering where the noise came from.


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Apart from the fantasy i had the other night where i dreamt the sun was shining ,i very rarely remember my dreams ,although i must have them.

The most memorable are the ones where i am drifting off to sleep & find myself staring over a steep cliff or off the top of a building  ,then i wake with a shudder.

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