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Excuse the subject, but gotta tell the story.  Sat on the pot and kept feeling an itch on my leg, kept scratching the itch, ended proceedings and left.   Eeek! from my wife, there's a frog in the toilet !   My big white hunter wife grabs paper towel, finally grabs the frog and throws it out of the front door.  From my prime position in front of the tv, I very sensibly advise her that she needs to get the frog off the porch or it will keep us awake all night.  She agrees and opens the door, where she is faced with a garter snake with the frog halfway down its throat.  By this time it's getting very annoying, I keep tu rning up the tv volume, but I'm still not catching every word.  To add to my discomfort, Becky grabs a shovel from the shed and beans the snake on the head.  Unfortunately, her roundhouse breaks the glass in the front window !!    The three legged frog limps away and I've got another job for the weekend - women!

This is the truth, I'm not that good a writer !

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