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This is the indomitable Stallard reporting from the colonies.  There is a potential catastrophic meltdown occurring with the Democratic Party and the liberal media.  In fact one of their frontline proponents collapsed at an event today - Trump delusion syndrome is real !  The President has announced that he is declassifying all documents related to the warrants, that were illegally issued to allow the Obama FBI and CIA political appointees to use their agencies to spy on his campaign and to run the Russian collusion scam.  Those responsible are running for cover issuing protests galore - funny, I thought they wanted transparency.  Don't mess with Trump, you'll get your fingers burned.

The opinion tonight amongst the sane talking heads, is that the upcoming revelations plus the Brexit fiasco, will mean the end for politicians in general.  Given the outstanding standard of living, prosperity and peace under Trump, achieved with his arm tied behind his back and the idiots being dragged along by his legs, that from here on countries will be run by business men.  Gary, how does a Parliamentary run look to you?

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