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I started watching Question Time tonight for the first time in over 15 years because it was in Warrington. I stopped watching after 25 minutes when I felt that shouting at the screen was about to change into throwing heavy objects at it. I now remember why I stopped watching it in the first place. Is the programme sponsored by Curries or Martin Dawes? Argos or John Lewis perhaps? The public should be warned 😫.

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27 minutes ago, Gary said:

I stopped watching QT along time ago and I doubt the new presenter has brought much to the table!

Same here in terms of not watching. The snippet I have seen suggest she is more attached to the sound of her own voice than Dimbleby used to be. I find that the coverage is always driven by the BBC agenda rather than newsworthiness or public interest.

In fact we have totally stopped watching national news on the BBC for a good ten years. We look at the regional TV news, radio news and the digital replacement for Teletext on Freeview. The latter is the first three paragraphs of the web story automatically selected and you sometimes need to look at the web version to see the important bits that define the story, which got completely left off!.

The biggest problem we have with TV news is that our attention span does not seem to have declined as fast as the producers think it has.

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Same here. I watch the BBC Northwest news at 6.30, mainly for the sports and weather. I presume the main news follows the same old format - the newsreader tells you what he is going to tell you, then he tells you an expanded version, and then he summarises what he's told you. I occasionally switch on for the main weather forecast if there's something out of the ordinary expected, and I find that they spend half of the allotted time telling us what the weather has been like for the past 24 hours, all the while waving their arms around like some demented whirling dervish. Not what I expect "forecast" to mean

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As a matter of interest, after I'd finished watching a programme on Netflix this evening, I switched onto QT to see who was on the panel. They were discussing the Jeremy Kyle Show, obviously a subject of great political importance just now. 30 seconds later I switched off. Not a serious programme at all now.

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