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How to find your recent 'favourite' topics using 'search'


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If you?ve ?lost? all the recent topics you were happily posting away on here?s how to get them back at the top of the forum pages.


Click ?Search? (located just underneath the red Warrington Worldwide header next to FAQ ? NOT the Google search box though)


Box 2 (Search for Author) Enter your username?. If you have changed it make sure you enter your new one though


Press ?Search? at the bottom right


It will then bring up a list of all topics you have posted on.


To get a favourite recent (or old for that matter) topic back in view , so to speak, you can then just post a reply or a quicker way is to just post a couple of ?..?s


It will then go to the top of the page.


The new search facility is very good and you can also enter 'keywords' etc etc

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