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Thomas Francis Mitchell

john c G

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Looking for a photo of my granddad Thomas Mitchell who lived at 41 Bewsey Street, Warrington,   he worked at the Vulcan foundry  and retired from there in the 1950s , he died in 1970 at the age of 87.  If anyone can remember him or has any knowledge of where I could get a photo of him I would be over the moon. He was married to Rose Hickman nee Bracegirdle in 1940 so there is possibly a marriage photo somewhere.


                                                                                                                                                                       Regards John

                                                                                    PS He was 6ft 5" so will be easy to spot if anyone has a photo of him.

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You may already know this but I just googled and there is a website for the Vulcan Foundry. 

The site contains copies of ALL the Vulcan Magazines from 1948 to 1962.  There are photos in some of them and mention of staff etc but unfortunately they are not searchable so you'd have to read through each.

The website also has a few videos too (Vulcan on Film) and a whole host of other sections too.  May be worth a try anyway.

Here's the link


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Fantastic that you found that snippet John 😁 Such a shame you didn't find a photo of him but I'm sure will eventually somewhere.  Have you tried asking on Facebook group pages such as 'Warrington Memories',  'Warrington Photos Warrington Born',  'Warrington Forgotten Faces'  and 'Warrington Day to Day'.   People often ask for help or if anyone remembers people on those groups and more often than not someone does.  

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