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Britain's Hero ?


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I wouldn't vote for either of them :roll: ........ still yet to see Churchill's uniform and rifle on display in a museum somewhere :roll: (yeah right) ........... and as for St. George :roll: .............


Name your own in this thread ........... here's mine for what it's worth.


King Alfred


Edward I (my own choice)


Plus the VERY important ones ......... all the MILLIONS who have died over the centuries fighting for this country's freedom ...... for which too many take for granted !


A link that may be of interest, a very, very brief look at Edward 'Longshanks'.



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Problem is Tone, Joe Public tend not to have sufficient knowledge of history to make such a calculated assessment. I think you had a topic some time ago about "turning points in history" (ref UK); which throws up some interesting Leaders. :wink:

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