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Does a visit to an historic place help -


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Depends which ones you visit Obs ...... burial mounds that appear as nothing on the surface tend to have their 'best' parts under the ground.

It's sometimes difficult to picture exactly what a site may have been like if there are only minor traces left above ground, the 'intact' -and still complete - buildings however do make up for this.

Period interpretation and period events held at such sites often help greatly to enhance the understanding of 'how it may have been' in the past.

The landscape around an historic building can also be read to a certain extent if its been undisturbed by later building work.

A very good example is the old hall at Tatton Park. The outside grounds still have visible furrow lines plus also the main 'port street'.

A building and its grounds often tells its own story if you look at it in depth enough :wink:

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Visited Waterloo several times, and most of the terrain features and buildings are still there. Rome was mixed: the Parthenon is still there giving one a sense of the time, but the circus maximus is just an outline track, and the coloseum just a ruin. Tried to find the new vitual reality trip around ancient Rome, without success. Lots of battlefield sites in the UK, not well publicised and most have not been preserved. :(

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I get the bumph about events sent to me every year obs, plus I know folk all over the UK in different societies.

Probably best for yourself if you go on the English heritage and National trust websites, plus also try local councils in the area where you're interested in visiting, every other council in Britain has historical events organised every year ........... :wink:

If there's any specific one you'd be interested in drop me a line and I'll find the details out for you.

There's a large viking event in Chester in July :wink:


In reply to your last post also ...... Hastings is an English Heritage event, it's every year.


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