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Osteoarthritus - treatment go for it or not?

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Whether to go on a course of treatment can be a difficult decision and not helped when the specialist admits that all the test results were inconclusive, and that’s the situation I found myself in a couple of months back. Over the past few years, I’ve been having what I believed to be IBS but after a couple of colonoscopies and an MRI scan it was suggested that it may be Crone’s disease.

The treatment was to take an immuno-suppressant drug for a period of two months but on reading up on this, the side effects seemed drastic for what still could be just normal IBS. As you know, side effects are normally classified as extremely small percentage chances but with this, it was words like almost certainly and high probability, so I decided against it.

So, you can imagine my relief this morning when a medical expert said that this kind of drug would put anyone taking it into one of the highest risk groups for Coronavirus. Phew!


Bill :)

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Ok Geoff, we've talked before, but you and I have the same problem, I have raced a bike for forty years and my guy tells me that this has contained my problem.  However, I wake every day in pain and I never go back to sleep because I don't want to go through the distress of waking up and getting moving again.  If I want to do any physical activity Ihave to go to high powered drugs.  I take Methotrexate and steroids every day and my rheumatologist tells me that my kidneys are perpetually hovering on shutting down.

Just mentioned all of that to show I understand.  Now down to details.  My wife had knee replacement about five years ago and I was her personal trainer, it took about six weeks of me being an asshole trainer and her being a hero.  At six weeks we took a Caribbean cruise and she was fine.  The first day after the operation she had no pain, she had a direct pain killer feed into her thigh and she was high as a kite, when they took that away she spent 24 hours munching on as many pain killers as she could get.  After that it was just like getting over Coronavirus !

Now, my golfing buddie's wife had hip replacement about three months ago, she's a teacher, she was home the next day, felt good and was taking therapy and shopping at Wal Mart within two weeks.  If the girls can do it, us men certainly can.   

Our disease is immune related, but if I get to travel to Europe in June I'm going.  I put my faith in my tremendous lungs and my huge quads (don't look too close!).

If you don't think humor is appropriate talk to us who loved Itma in WW11 Lol!

Good luck.

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Thanks Stallard - it just goes to show how we are all different - did my pre-op on Tuesday and who knows when for the dislocation - sorry op? - you are right Men winge too much.

Funnily enough after Id been screen just to get in the hospital - the two nurses who saw me both had coughs :-) 


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