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First past the post ?

Observer II

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Our political system has allowed the two major Parties to dominate power since it started,  both seeking the centre ground in order to maximise their vote, whilst curbing the aspirations of the "extremists" within, resulting in a nice comfortable system that provides a job for life (if you keep your nose clean), and encouraging the delusion that voters have given every MP a blank cheque to do  whatever they think is best for us.   Well, it seems Brexit has brought about the realisation that neither the Labour or Conservative Party are really united entities; both have been split asunder; leading to speculation of new "centerist" Parties, which will arguably continue the same old, same old; disconnect with the Prols.   Real choice has moved to the extremes, and the idea that PR could save them is rather fictitious, as a referendum is clearly the ultimate in PR - something our career politicians choose to ignore.  They criticise the new public mood as "populism";  well surely the essence of democracy is to place your policies before the electorate, who then choose their most popular ?

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