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Failing Grayling !

Observer II

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Whilst it appears the modern practise is for contract bidders to have no idea of the practical aspects of the contract they're bidding for, but to assemble sub-contractors to carry out the actual work; it still seemed strange that Grayling awarded a Ferry contract to a bidder with no ships.  But isn't there the possibility that this deal had a lot more to it than meets the eye, and is worthy of further inquiries, to ensure no corruption was involved ?

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It just seems to me the same old story of politicians not understanding how the world actually works. i.e they think that, for example in this case where it looks like we will need some more ferries, all you have to do is snap your fingers and voila it's done. In this case it looks like the minister has said we will need more ferry capacity and told his minions to get it done. The real world operates slightly differently to that which politicos occupy.

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But … more capacity was obtained, just not from the goons who had never run any before. We should worry about other arrangements that civil servants have recommended rather than this one. Some of the others may be just as crap but no one is paying attention because they want to get Grayling. Who by the way was a failed candidate in Warrington South many years ago, he hasn't got any better!

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