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Two Newfies (residents of Canada's easternmost province), were applying for employment insurance after being laid off. They both go in for interviews at the same time.
"What did you do?" Clarence was asked.
"Worked in a lingerie factory, sewing knickers."
"Okay, that's semi-skilled labour, so $150 a week."
George goes in next.
"And what was your last job?"
"Diesel fitter," George replied.
"Ah, skilled labour. You get $300 a week."
George tells Clarence and Clarence hits the roof. He goes back and confronts the agent.
"T'underin' Jaysus," he shouted. "Why does George get twice as much?"
"Well, he's a diesel fitter, which is a more skilled occupation."
"Skilled, hell," Clarence retorted. "He worked in the same factory. I'd sew the knickers and he'd put them over his head and say, 'Yep, dese'll fit 'er.' "

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