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Hi Bill,


Sorry if I sound rude here, I don't mean to be.


Have you tried clearing out all your temporary internet files, cookies and browser history etc as they can sometimes slow you down when they get large. As you probably already know they can be cleared from your 'internet properties'.


Another thing to try is 'tracks eraser'. Its just cleared 43mb of crap of my pc that the usual erasers missed completely.


I presume you are on broadband but who is your service provider? I'm on NTL/Virgin and I've had no problems.


There's nothing worse than people telling you you are imagining a problem when you obviously do have one regardless of the fact it may be your pc or not.


Hope you get it sorted soon :D

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I know your only trying to help but I really don't have any problems with my equipment.


Trust me when I tell you there's absolutly nothing I or anyone else can do to a computer that will make just one specific site on the whole internet suddenly go slow.


There is a major fault occuring somewhere in the system just now that seems to be affecting some people while others are completley unaffected.


I believe the problem will end up being traced to an internal routing issue or failed piece of equipment at Worldwide's local service provider.


Understanably, those unaffected by this fault simply assume that the problem must lie at my end, after all I was the first to report this but please everyone, no more advice to what I should do please.


Bill :)

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Why would I joke about that? I don't have any problems with any of my PCs whatsoever. The problem is on the system it's just that your obviously on of the lucky ones not being affected.


I'm posting now from Glasgow on someone elses system and the whole site is so slow it's unworkable just the same as from my office. It's not just me that has this problem by the way, according to the poll at least 50% of posters are saying the same and that's not counting those that just give up trying to navigate the site.


Bill :)


Yeh Sorry that one fell on stoney ground. The equipment's fine it's just don't get chance to proove it these days. :lol:

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