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Hospital Parking


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Went to Halton Hospital on Friday, running late, did not look at the arrival time, consultant saw us within a few minutes and kept us 10 minutes or so. Should I pay the £2.50, apparently despite the technology being available there is no way of finding out how much time you have been parked, decided not to. Getting home I decided to be on the safe side and pay via the app,  but I need a park number and searching the net I couldn't find one, so e mailed park by phone who did not reply, rang the hospital reception said they were to  busy to check. 

Not desplaying the due fee on the pay machine is a scam,  over pay and the parking company wins, under pay and they fine you. 

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On 12/21/2018 at 11:43 AM, Latchford Locks said:

It should be free at all times ,even hospital staff are charged...

But in retrospect £2.50 for a consultation with an expert in their particular field? 

Nowhere else in the World would you get that.

Bargain 🤗

But I have never needed a consultation with an expert from a parking company! 

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4 hours ago, P J said:

If hospital parking was free across the board you would never get a space as it would be constantly full.



I actually do not mind paying although the car parking gets to expensive, £6 per day is a lot!

THe car parking company I am sure also does very well out of the charges, the charges are to high and over complicated there should be a booth at the entrance were everyone pays a pound or so, no exceptions, no free 30 minutes, no parking company.

However Everyone seems to be missing the point I tried to make, there is no way of finding out how much your supposed to pay, get it wrong and your either over paying or getting fined which is not right. I have sadly been to the hospital many times and 99% of the time i don't forget to look at the time of arrival  but there are occasions when late or stressed I forget. I even bought a gadget that lives in the cigarette lighter, it supposed to tell an app where the car is parked and how long it has been parked for, but it does not work.

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Milky, I certainly did appreciate what you meant. I have been bothered by it in the past and now if I go there I just take a photograph of the car with my phone as I get out to go into the hospital to capture the approximate time I entered the car park. When you have to deal with things in the hospital remembering what time you parked for the silly limit is not foremost on your mind, so I agree entirely with your points.

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2 hours ago, Observer II said:

Disabled parkers are allowed 15mins extra free, thus 45mins - how does the camera know ?     😉

Everyone has 15 min I am sure, was a court case recently that ruled operators must allow time for entry and exit. How would they know who is disabled and who is not.

The camera is linked to a computer, otherwise the car parking company couldn't charge for parking as it would not know how long people stayed :)

The car parking company needs to put in a system that is fit for purpose.

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Ah but that is the nub of the problem.

It is not what time you manage to park your vehicle it it the time you passed the camera at the front/rear entrance to the hospital site.

That time could be up to ten minutes prior to you finding somewhere to park depending on the time of day.

Then add ten minutes for you to get to the hospital reception for your appointment, that is twenty minutes gone there.

If you are on time for your appointment, which they normally suggest getting there ten minutes prior to that appointment or earlier and your appointment is on time as well,they can be running up to an hour behind depending on who you are going to see.

add on the  length of the appointment and then the time spent looking for a working machine and finding the right change. 

finally another ten minutes getting back to your car.

add another say five to get off the car park and then past the camera at the front/rear entrance.

so for a fifteen minute appointment that gives at the least an hour on site if everything runs smoothly and the consultations are running to schedule.

knock off your first half hour free and you have to pay for half an hour or an hour if that is the minimum time allotted.

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