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Hilary 2020


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Wish I could explain it Asp, but it's very puzzling.    One thing at the bottom of it is power, the left is still pissed that Clinton lost and to an uncouth non politician no less.  Then Trump goes on to decimate Isis, bring North Korea to agree to drop nuclear weapons, create the lowest unemployment rate ever, the highest GDP in forty years, less people on welfare, biggest tax cut in history etc, etc,.  The left knows that if they don't destroy Trump they will never see power again, so they are trying character assasination of him and  anyone supporting him.

They have just tried and probably succeeded in destroying the life and family of Trump's Supreme Court nominee.  A woman and lifelong Democratic supporter and Hillary friend claimed that he attempted to rape her at a party forty years ago . When she finally had to tell her story under oath, she couldn't remember where or when the party was, wasn't sure if it was actually Cavanaugh or somebody else, or even if Cavanaugh was even at the party.  But for the previous two weeks, the leaders of the Democrats had been at the televised hearings stating time and again that he was a rapist.  This was not the nut cases, this was the party leaders.  To no avail, the Republicans still got his confirmation thru, but the guys wife and kids will never recover from it.

However, the reason that all of the wild, nonsensical bull...  screamed daily by the left is believed by the unwashed masses of liberals, is the media, they are now just the journalistic arm of the Democrats and they have given up all semblance of neutrality.  I just related how an innocent man was pilloried without a shred of evidence, yet Ellison, a top democrat from Wisconsin, has three female accusers, one of whom has video of him sexually assaulting  her and the media refuses to mention the story.

The mid term elections are due in November and for some reason the party in power usually lose seats - Obama lost a bunch in his first mid terms. It is possible, according to the polls, that the Republicans could lose the House, which would give the Democrats some power (Ipersonally don't think they will, but it's close). However if they do win the House back, they are not talking about how they will improve the economy etc, they are stating that they are going to impeach Trump, impeach Cavanaugh and destroy all of Trumps successes.

Back to your point what kind of idiots would vote for that platform when Trump has made their lives so much better financially.   I guess I could have made this a lot shorter by just saying "Beats me, I just don't know."

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I've been watching all this unfold since the election in 2016 and have to say that the media is all (with the exception perhaps of FoxNews) on a mission to destroy Trump by all and any means possible. This includes the media in the UK for some reason. The BBC never fails to talk about Trump without sneering and talking down any of his achievements. The way Treason May treats him is disgusting for a politician and shows what a hole we are in with her in charge. But I think Trump's attitude is "sod them all, I don't need them."

The Democrats are nasty though, not at all the party of the people, more like the party for themselves, much like Corbyn's Labour really.

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Very nice to see someone who sees through the quagmire.  Trump can be a jerk, he doesn't have the plastic finish of politicians and he sees nothing wrong with telling it like it is and naming names, but by God,, he can get the job done.   You have to make your own choice,  Obama who wasted eight years on rhetorical speeches or Trump who kicks ass every day.

The news today, Trumps approval ratting is way up and now there is talk of a 'red wave' in the mid terms, not the trumpeted ' blue wave'.

it is always uphill for Republicans because the media constantly promotes Democrats, even, as you say, internationally, but good people (Ihope !) will win out in the end.

I unintentionally have become a pretty good pundit of American politics and if you want a better view than the disgusting BBC, please ask. I promise that the fact that I consider liberals a greater threat than Islamic terrorists, will not affect my reporting !!

Watching Fox News is a first requirement.

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