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Challenge Cup Final


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That's the end of that for this year. Catalan gave fair warning in the way they destroyed St Helens in the semi final, and they followed that up yesterday with a win in the final. The Wire seemed below par yesterday, making quite a few unnecessary errors that helped the Dragons to victory. On the day the better side won.

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I was surprised that  Hicks did us for the 2 forward passes which  didn't look forward when i watched it again. We may have had at least one try. He completely  disregarded Catalans moving off the mark at least 8 times that i noticed .

However ,good to see a different name on the cup,well done Catalans.

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I thought Hicks was ok,

I wouldn't have a referee's job these days for the Town Clock !

Under intense pressure from the word go,so much going on ,new rule interpretations,players trying to milk free kicks,keeping track of tackle counts,keeping pace with super fit sportmen, etc etc plus some sky presenters pulling the game apart with replay after replay after blooming replay.

I must say well done to our merry whistle blowers they get a lot of stick,but there wouldn't be a game if the crowd applauded every decision they make.

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