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I had double groin hernia surgery a week last Monday.  It's day surgery, but it took four hours.  The reason I mention it is because of the method.  The surgery was done laparoscopically using a Devinci Robotic Arm.  They insert a camera in a small slit in the belly button and medical tools through two other slits on either side of the belly and the surgeon just gives instructions to the robot !  The surgery was at 8:30 am and I was home by 3:00 pm .  I ended up with a dab of glue on the three slits and that was it.  My wife has pictures, but I'm too squeamish to look at them.  Should be back on my bicycle training next week.   I thought it was amazing myself.

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Bit behind the times over there Stallard,. We do the same thing here with a mobile phone. :)

Last year I had a key hole job done on my knee and when the bandages came off I could hardly see where they'd been in.

Anyway here's hoping your op was as successful as mine.


Bill :)

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Thanks Gary, usual thing, move slowly for two days, then be bored to death for four weeks. Four weeks is probably lawyer based !   I'd be in trouble Bill, only got flip phones , I get one call a day from my wife and she gets one from me, not enough action for anything fancy.  I do have an IPad though, maybe I could use that.

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