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Sex offenders to be placed at Thorn Cross Open Prison


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The jail was opened in 1985. when the school was opened i have not found out . (yet)

Whichever was built/opened first you do have to ask why they were allowed so close to each other in the first place.

ON A DEVILS ADVOCATE TYPE NOTE. Not all sex offenders are paedophiles (which seems to me to be the implication in the way it has been portrayed in the social media sites) Not that it is right, but then again how many of the "inmates " are drug user/pushers, how many are in for GBH or similar violence. Nobody kicks off about that, but the mere mention of "sex" in any terms with regards to prison and people go into mob mode, flaming torches and pitchforks at the ready. END OF DEVILS ADVOCATE TYPE NOTE.

Probably more convicted paedophiles wandering around under suspended sentences at the moment than would ever be housed at thorn cross.(been at least four in the last month or so).

BUT LET ME RE ITERATE i still do not think that it is right to do this I am just trying to get people to think rationally (or at least think.)

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Found the news report interesting and the quote from MOJ;   these prisoners are being evaluated and this (proximity to school ?), will give us an opportunity to "test" them.  I suppose we could apply this approach to all prisoners, and release them all on the basis that they won't re-offend.   :rolleyes:

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