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New Format?


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They always say older people don't like change!

perhaps you have always been conservative in life and that's where you went wrong! :lol:

Still needs a bit of tweaking.

And are you just talking about the forum or the website in general :?

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I think it looks great and seems faster too :D


The news page will take a bit of getting used to though as I liked just scrolling down to see the days news in full... ok lazyness on my part :wink:


I have a Forum question though.... is it just me but I went into Local Issues the latest subject posting (apart from Garys stickies) was from 2005.... where's all our recent stuff that we were 'discussing' :shock:


And where's all the bouncy smilies gone... how will I express my feelings :o


Other than that it's cool 8):mrgreen:

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There were so many old posts the system was being brought to its knees and I had to make a decision to go with what we have got.

It was hard enough to keep the existing members so you didn't all have to sign up again.

The old forum was eight years old so it is a miracle we have been able to transfer stuff across.

It has been a massive costly exercise - so please appreciate you are getting all this for free.

If you want to send me a big fat cheque I will dig out all your old posts! :wink:

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I dont mind the new format, although the standard text size is not brilliant for anyone who is visually impaired.

There is quite a bit of message sorting to do yet (old threads etc), but at least you have got the forum back on line smartish.

Garys right I think web sites that dont change go stale and a change of format will do no harm at all.

Like the news on the front page by the way

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If the very recent ones are still there how do I find them any idea?


I know I whinge a lot on a lot of the Local topics but there's no need to hide them all from me :wink::shock::D


My withdrawal symptoms are getting quite serious now :P:cry:

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