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A Spring poem for Mary, Alana, Stephanie et altera


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From Prairie Home and Garrison Keillor, a poem by


em: "The Republic of Sun" by Melanie Greenhouse of Noank, CT

(Read more about Melanie)


I pledge allegiance to the crocuses

of the United States of America

and to the Republic of Green Grass

on which I stand, barefoot,

toes wriggling in the dampness where

just moments ago,

worms coupled and doubled themselves.

One nation of friends seated at a table

beneath a blooming tulip tree,

indivisible and radiant in spring's


with liberty and herbal tea; scones

?both blueberry and strawberry?

and Justice, Jude, Janice, Rhonda,

Herta, Sue Ellen, and Edwina.

Such an ensemble would make Justice grin

from sea to shining sea.

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