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Castleford at home


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Oh Warri Warri, Warri Warri Warri Warri Warrington what the hell were you thinking of tonight? 12-0 down within 10 minutes to two of the softest tries imaginable! But, fair do's, you came back well and took the lead. But giving away stupid penalties and some bad handling, plus some more soft tries (not all of them were soft to be fair) gave Castleford a 34-30 advantage at the end.

On the bright side I've got my ticket for the semi-final, just need Northern Rail to behave on 5th August!

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asp i would go on the 4th just to be sure and even then it would probably be fifty fifty that the train would be cancelled.

thought it was a pretty good match all told.

one lucky try each, hard to defend when the ball hits the cross bar and bounces back into the arms of the opposition and that awkward pass that somehow found found a player and baffled the cas defence to produce a try.

given their positions in the league about what was expected.

so a bit more practice kicking from the side lines as that seems to be where charnley likes to put the ball down as do most wingers these days.


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