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Liebour sell out -

Observer II

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Seems the LP are settling on some form of maintainance of a customs union and single market with the EU,  which by any stretch will cost us a fortune and in effect, means we won't have left the EU, except for no longer having any political say in Brussels.  Meanwhile, the Remoaners give out a steady drip of doom and gloom, as if the second largest contributor to the EU, is some kind of dependent basket case;   when the reality is that the EU is now beginning to fall apart.   

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Seems not just Labour selling out, but the Patrician attitude of the civil service chiefs, half the cabinet and a majority in Parliament; suggests a Remoaner conspiracy rather than total incompetance, to keep the UK in the EU.  How dare the Plebs believe their vote counts for something.    :ph34r:

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Here's hoping.   The Issue however, is that we have a political elite, who assume they know what's best for us, and thus ignore our vote; when such an arrogant contempt is the reason that the referendum vote went the way it did.  The same thing is happening throughout Europe, where the established parties are being replaced by "populist" parties. 

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