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Through the keyhole, who could possibly live in a house like this?


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Just back from one of my walks through the fields to the Hatton Arms in the village of Hatton, On the left hand side of Goose Lane, just before it ends in the fields, there Is a house that is completely surrounded by trees. It is deserted and so overgrown that it looks like something from a horror film. There is even a car, again, surrounded by mature trees. It can't have moved for years.

I can't understand why it is like this. Who owns it? Surely the land on which it stands must be worth a fortune. I would  imagine the house must have to be gutted, even demolished. Any one know why?

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No Sid it's No 53 right at the very end.

As I say, it looks good on Google but the images on there may be a couple of year old. 

It certainly was in good nick in December 2014 when it was bought for £470K.

Bill :)

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The description fits number 37 even down to the car in the overgrown drive when viewed on google.

does make you wonder though seems a big place with plenty of parking, quiet area. Somebody must be paying council tax and such on the place. if they can afford that then why not a gardener?

Got my imagination going now. out on the edge of the farm land where nobody would notice an odd smell or two. OOER!!!!   :shock:

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