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Twitter dictatorship ?

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A footballer has a tattoo of an assault rifle on his calf, and the "I want to be offended by something" twitterarchy are up in arms. Well, with the player being dark skinned, the tattoo is hardly visible and in any case would be covered by a sock when playing - so what's the problem ?    :rolleyes:

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Each to their own I suppose and people choose tattoo designs for different reasons and he has explained his.... although why anyone have a tattoo of an assault rifle on their leg is beyond me especially if their dad had been killed by a gun as he says his was.   Seems a bit odd but his choice and his leg.  

Have to say though it is a pretty naff tattoo and maybe he should have gone to a better studio.  To me it looks like a kids drawing of a fat cartoon stick man doing a funny 'John Cleese' walk with a hat on.  

footy tattoo.jpg

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