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Random thoughts of a genuine seeker

harry hayes

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Hope this doesn,t offend anyone - not quite a poem one would normally post.(almost a prayer)


Are you dull and boring Lord,

As most 'good books' portray;

Or has there been a laugh or two,

Since 6th creation day.


Your thoughts when we are humble,

Beseeching; on one knee;

Do you suppress amusement,

At misplaced? humility.


As I understand it there was nothing,

You caused it to explode;

And on this single dot in space,

Set creation on its road.


But on the way to where, Lord?

"To nowhere" most would say;

There are less and less believers,

Who fear a judgement day.


Some stories read like fairy tales,

In a whale you'd surely drown;

Where did Noah find his polar bears?

Did the walls come tumbling down?


You sent the good lord Jesus,

To redeem our worldly sin;

More questions raised than answers,

Faith sadly wearing thin.


Each of us has a conscience Lord,

Listen to, or ignore;

Is that the tiny part of you,

Which returns for evermore?


O Lord, help my understanding,

Of what it's all about,

I dearly want to love you.

But my heart is full of doubt.



Lastly, your sense of humour,

Were you really unaware?

When you designed the zebra,

And sent us Tony Blair.



Harry Hayes


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