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Leeds away


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A really telling victory tonight against Leeds away. The Wire were 11-04 up at halftime after a strong first 20 minutes, but Leeds came back after the break to go 22-11 ahead before the Wire burst into action to finish as 33-22 winners. Harvey Livett has to be MoM with a brilliant hat-trick of tries.  A difficult game but well deserved 2 points.

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We seem to have really turned the corner now.

And the credit(warranted or not) goes to Steve Price.

My opinion for what it's worth,is that Smith was a better coach but he became aloof distant and lazy,leaving the other coaching staff to do most of the work.

He just lost interest and it becme glaringly obvious.

So Price will now go from strength to strength as he is young keen and out to impress.

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I think Smith was very much about "play what you see" which is all well and good when you had players such as Briers, Monas and Hodgson in the team to create space, but when they disappeared we had no one to replace them.  It suited Sandow's play when he came and he was top drawer for us until his demise.

Under Price things are far more structured and I think that suits the players we have and the results are there for all to see.


LOng may it continue.......

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From what I have heard and seen this is a very happy ship at the moment - exciting times ahead.

Taken a while to sort defence out but now things are  taking shape. Any team that can go 10 games unbeaten is going to be there or there abouts as long as the squad stays healthy.

Big test against Wigan on Saturday but if the pass that with flying colours it could be our year - again! :)

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