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Towns MPs, what do they do?


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I often watch politics shows, often see other towns MPs on TV programs, local news, bobbing up and down in the commons, does anyone see any of our two?

I wrote to mine a couple of months ago, still waiting for an answer.

I also wonder if or when the attention of Momentum fall on our town, will Helen Jones be safe?

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A friend of mine wrote to Mr Faisal Rashid several times last year and is still waiting for even an acknowledgement. I have written in the past to both Helen Southworth and David Mowat when they were the MP and always got a prompt reply. I don't know what our latest MP's problem is.

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does helen jones actually exist?

I have seen her photoshopped picture in relation to articles on a regular basis. You know the one of her staring into the distance with that i want to be a tree face, usually accompanied by a caption local mp helen jones is for/against (fill in whatever latest headline grabber is).

But is it really her or just CGI.


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