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UK Passports ?


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10 hours ago, fugtifino said:

Yeah, all the lefties were apoplectic:


The RWNJs, on the other hand, were cool:


Unfortunately though, we're all going to suffer:


Like you believe everything anything in the Mail Fugs :huh:

What on earth is an RWNJ?

And what do you have against garlic? It might help prevent Obs' flu pandemic!


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42 minutes ago, asperity said:

And what do you have against garlic? It might help prevent Obs' flu pandemic!


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Re the passports..I don't get why the French company has got the contract and how they say it will save £12 million a year. We all have to pay for our passports out of our own pockets so how does it save the government money or do they subsidise them all in some way.

I've not got a passport ether...   maybe I will get one while they are still made in the UK.

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I think it works this way Dizzy.... the government pays £x million to this French firm but still charges everyone the same price thus making a killing off the British traveller. This money may well cover the Brexit divorce bill especially if the price goes up as Obs suggested.

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suspicious bugger time. (or could this happen as I don't know how passports are made).

I apply for a passport and fill in appropriate forms with certified picture and pay my fee.

that goes to the relevant passport office for processing.

now do they have a stock of passports with fill in the blank spaces and insert picture.

or do they send that off to the french firm who make one up to suit my details.

if the latter what is to stop some unscrupulous employee from using my details to knock up a few extras for sale to illegals.

end of suspicious bugger mode.

wonder how much cheaper it is to get something made in another country and ship it twice as far than it is to have it made here. (eu subsidies perhaps) also how much will that reduce HM govs carbon footprint and other pollution level targets.

oh well time for more caffeine.

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Well, works fine for me. It's a link to a Twitter account, there's a post that details a headline carried in the Evening Standard:  " A national humiliation: Brexiteers furious as Franco-Dutch firm wins contract to produce iconic blue passports". There's a link to the same if you're interested.

The account holder quotes some lyrics from an 80s song, poking fun at these buffoons, who see blue passports as an example of "taking back control", then having to go overseas to have them produced.

In the first two links in post #3, I've inverted the conventional perception of the political left/right, following your example in #2.

The remainers haven't got a kick in the teeth with this, they're just having a good old giggle.

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Right, so in the opinion of newspapers etc etc.

Personally I don't really care what colour my passports are (my Irish one will still be red) or where they're made, and I take very little notice of the media. But if it makes you happy don't let me put you off :D.

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On 23/03/2018 at 3:07 PM, Evil Sid said:

not got a passport, don't need a passport. (well unless they introduce them for going to wales or scotland that is).

Me neither Sid, my last trip abroad put an end to it for me, waiting at airports for hours (both ways) crunched up on a 'cattle class' flight, ripped off by the car hire company, contracted Delhi belly, and that was only while visiting the Isle of White!.

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Did have a passport once.

Used it for a day trip to Germany and never used it again and at that only time it was ever looked at was when i was checking that i had it on me.

just got waved trough customs with barely a care.

Had more problems getting into Manchester airport with security checks than i did getting into Germany or Britain with or without a passport.

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