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Happy Solstice All


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Spring is here a renewal of existence

While winters cold continues its resistance


Birds, trees, flowers thrive with force

As dead leaves blow with no remorse


The cold past falls away as if it were a dream

Awakening all to passion within this little theme


Warm rays fall upon the face

While the snow ebbs away in disgrace

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Mary, I once spent a winter in Korea and all the folks over here dreaded those winds from Siberia more than I did. But you must have endured more bitter winters than I ever did, living up there near the Canadian border. Last night I saw some guys on TV talking about cold winters and one of the them mentioned walking backward due to chilling wind in their face walking forward. Did you ever walk backward? I may fool around, trying to write a haiku about that.

Ice wind in my face

Penetrating clothing Awww

Turn my back on it

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Yes many times the wind and temperature were so cold that if you didn't you froze your face.


I am very happy to have not spent a winter in it this year!! Driving to work with my window down in January was decadent as hell and I loved it!

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