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Video Referee ?


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So far this season it has been a complete failure. If they had followed the example of Rugby League it would perhaps be better. Unfortunately in soccer a lot of the decisions being made are far from clear cut (e.g. was he fouled in the area or did he dive? Was it handball or ball to hand? Was he a millimeter offside or a millimeter onside?) and the referees are using VAR as a way of dodging their responsibility. They should make a decision and stick by it and to hell with what the likes of Mourinho, Wenger and Klopp have to say. The goal line technology part is fine but the rest is too subjective.

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to save any problems why not introduce a rugby style sin bin.

referee makes a decision in rugby one or two players get stroppy he can sin bin them.

referee makes a decision in football and spends next ten minutes trying to sort out players who are pestering him about it.

only problem i can see with having a sin bin in football is that after about ten minutes you would end up with two goalkeepers on the pitch playing long distance tennis.

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