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Team sky & Bradley Wiggins are criticised in Parliament for breaking the spirit of fair competition in sport. Drug abuse for improved performance is rampant in athletics. The human bodies of even these so called elite athletes must be at the limit of natural ability if drugs are the only way to to tweak  the body to win a competition. 

More tragic is the misplaced hero worship that some of these people enjoy & the money lost by the public in betting against these cheats ,because that is what sport is all about these days , £ millions made from betting.

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I agree with the first paragraph they must be at the limits and have been there for some time. The problem is that winning is not enough in sports where world records are monitored. It seems to have been going on for such a long time though. I remember Lasse Viren and his absolutely legal blood transfusions of his own blood years ago!

The problem is that the betting is unstoppable since with more coverage of sport and current event you can bet on just about anything and if one avenue closes another will open. It is sad but it appears to be human nature.

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My question is why has a Parliamentary Committee, which has no jurisdiction over the rules of the sport, wasted taxpayers money even investigating these allegations? MPs are employed by us to represent our interests, not to discuss matters outside of their area.

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