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Confused by the News ?


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Just read a piece, stating that there was now an exodus of EU nationals from the UK;   but on closer reading just under 200,000 had left, but in the same period over 250,000 had entered the UK, so a net in flow. The fact that net immigration into the UK still exceeds emigration must be taken as a post-Brexit vote of confidence in the UKs future, surely.      :wacko:

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:D      Unfortunately, the majority of TV news has a liberal bias, with speculation on the outcomes of the negotiation being positively dystopian.  Whilst I've no doubt the Gov is sincere in it's aspirations for "the best deal";  they are up against feint hearts in Parliament,  who's sabotage could create the very result they fear - "no deal".  However, despite a combative posture by the Brussels elite, in their effort to keep the 27 in line;  I can't see French farmers or German car workers, tolerating losing one of their biggest markets through a tariff war.  The Labour Party, are equally divided on the issue, as the Tories, but need to be carefull they don't take ownership for a bad result: IE voting down a deal that includes exiting the single market, the customs union and the ECJ, as this would not be forgiven by Leave voters in their constituencies.       :ph34r:

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Sandwiched between interminable curling & Loose Women, i watched some of  Daily Politics & a segment had Vince Cable bemoaning the fact that war veteran & arch Europhile Woy Jenkins would be turning in his grave at Britain wanting to leave the EU. Then we are also shown pictures of the big red Euro bus telling us to abandon Brexit..

It all seems strange to me to want to stay in a deepening political union with countries,some of which were happy for us to save their necks 70 years ago but have since been happy to stab us in the back. The original concept of the Common Market was as far as the UK should have taken its involvement with Europe....a trading partnership ,no more ,no less but with an insisted upon proviso that we could have also traded worldwide. 

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